Who Uses Our Services?
Anybody who needs help in making life simpler and who needs to be confident that paperwork and legal and financial matters are being taken care of in an organized, professional way.
Our clients include:
Professionals and executives whose lives are getting busier by the day and who donít have the time to deal with everyday paperwork, bill paying and record-keeping.
Busy individuals with multiple homes, extensive travel schedules or active lifestyles who are not in one place long enough to deal with bills, invoices or other matters.
Elderly people who want to remain independent, but need assistance with bill paying, budgeting and handling insurance and medical claims. (Our services ensure that the entire family feels confident and secure through monthly budgets and reports.)
Small Business Owners who need assistance with organization or an independent review of processes and procedures to minimize risk and loss. (We also specialize in office moves and other large organizational projects.)
Lawyers and Other Professionals who need confidential assistance with organizing client files and other paperwork.

What Makes Us Different?
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How Does S. D. A. work?
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